I Take Thee Papercut

This week we added a new wedding design to our shop! ‘Just Married’ can be personalised with surnames and dates, and is the perfect gift for a wedding or first ‘paper’ anniversary.

Just Married Papercut 4

Our collection of wedding and anniversary papercuts is growing, so we thought we’d give you a quick round-up . . .

Christening Papercut 7
Personalised Church Papercut £20
Just Married Papercut 5
Personalised Just Married Papercut £30
Commision Papercut
Personalised Commission A4 £45 / A3 £90
Wedding Vows Papercut
Personalised Vows Papercut £50
Wedding Anniversary Papercut 15
Personalised Bride & Groom Papercut £60.00


The Paper Roses x

Website – www.thepaperroses.co.uk

Facebook – www.facebook.com/ThePaperRoses

Instagram- www.instagram.com/thepaperrosespapercuts/

Pinterest- uk.pinterest.com/thepaperroses/


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