Something Old, Something New

There’s nothing better than adding a nice, shiny, new product to our shop, and this weeks ‘vows’ papercut has been a fun one. We love the old saying ‘may you never steal, lie or cheat’ in our display piece (leap year, anyone?), read it in an Irish accent and it really comes to life. It can be personalised with your own vows, names and dates.

Wedding Vows Papercut.jpg

One of our main projects over the next few months, is to expand our wedding collection. It’s such a special time for a couple, and we more than anyone (*ahem, perfectionists*) understand the need for every tiny detail to be perfect.  We want to create a range of products that are beautiful, stylish, and most importantly, personal. It’s funny how such simple things can represent a person or couple. Us, for example, could be defined by those that know us, by our hunter wellies. We wear them all the time to walk our dog. Our personalised commissions are made up of all these symbols, traits and experiences that make a person who they are. Which is why it is such a personal gift to give.

Wedding Vows Papercut 4

So why shouldn’t wedding stationary be just as personal? There’s so many elements of a wedding, and we can’t wait to start creating our new collection. Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates. What would you like to see us create in our wedding collection?

The Paper Roses x

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