The Black Roses Collection

We have long since been fans of Timorous Beasties work. If your not familiar with their work, you really need to check out their wallpapers, as they blur the lines between decor and art. The pieces that first drew us in were the toile designs. From a distance, a skyline of London or Edinburgh, but on closer inspection you’ll find something a little deeper. We loved the idea of hidden details. The more you look, the more you see.

Hunting Papercut 7

With our new collection, we wanted to create something with more meaning, that asks questions, that draws from the modern world. There is a kind of juxtaposition between what you want to see and reality.

Desk Papercut 4

The  ‘Black Roses’ Collection has a darker feel than our usual work. It plays on the idea of thoughts and issues that aren’t being discussed, that perhaps should be. There are currently three pieces in the collection, which we so lovingly refer to as the ‘clock’ one, the ‘hunting’ one and, the ‘desk’ one. Which one’s your favourite?

Clock Papercut


The Paper Roses x

P.s. If you want to see a teaser video for our new collection head on over to our Facebook page…





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