Oh you’re a papercutter. That’s nice … What is it?

When you think of cutting, you think of knives and blades. Not the most delicate of images, right? Papercutting, however is the creation of something beautiful & delicate, with the use of only paper and a blade. Look around you. You’ll find paper everywhere. So how can you turn something so ordinary into something unique? The answer… with inspiration and a lot of patience.

Papercutting isn’t something we always dreamt of doing when we were little girls. We didn’t dream of taking a knife to a sheet of paper when we were five, (more of making beautiful dresses) so it’s no surprise that our creative roots didn’t start with paper, but with fabric. Our interests, at least until university, lay with embroidery, screen printing and sewing. That wasn’t to say we weren’t already “cutters”, we just hadn’t turned our minds to paper yet. We experimented a lot with reverse applique (stitching designs into layers of fabric, then cutting through the layers to reveal different fabrics), and later began to dabble with papercutting, but it wasn’t until we went to an exhibition of paper cut artists that our heads were really turned. 

It has taken us several years to develop our style and knowledge of papercutting, but we are by no means experts. We have learnt a lot about blades, scalpels and the importance of paper, how to cut thinner, neater. How far we can push paper to its limits before it tears. We are still learning, our style is still evolving.

The Paper Roses x


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